The secrets to a winning mindset as a launch manager

June 25, 2023

In the the world of launch management, your leadership and mindset is just as important as your strategies – in today’s blog let’s talk about some of the ways you can up-level yours. Build unwavering belief in yourself as a launch manager The cornerstone of every triumphant launch is unwavering belief within the leadership team […]


I'm the founder of Love To Launch and it's fair to say that when it comes to business I eat, live and breathe launches ! I'm a launch strategist, launch manager and team-trainer to the biggest names in the online world. I have two grown up children (proud teen Mum), a luxury travel addict, foodie and latte lover.


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In the the world of launch management, your leadership and mindset is just as important as your strategies – in today's blog let's talk about some of the ways you can up-level yours.

Build unwavering belief in yourself as a launch manager

The cornerstone of every triumphant launch is unwavering belief within the leadership team fed down to all the team members. You could be know every launch strategy imaginable, but without a genuine belief in your potential for success, your're not going to lead the team successfully. We know it's easier said than done, particularly when you're still getting your feet wet in the field of launch management.

You will face challenges every step of the way. The trick, especially when you're a newbie, is to keep faith in your success. If you don't then the moment you encounter the first obstacle, if you lack belief, you'll quit. But if you believe in your success, you'll shrug off challenges as a part of the journey and move forward.

**Power Tip:** Dedicate time each day to visualise that triumphant moment at the end of your launch, basking in your victories with the team. Let this vision guide you throughout your entire launch. Step into every single day as part of your working day routine.

Separate yourself from the outcome

Here's where things get paradoxical. Yes, envisioning your success is crucial, but you should also separate yourself from the outcome. I know this feels impossible when you're paid for achieving the result, but constantly focusing on that is going to stop you doing your best work.

The key is to view the final launch result not as the ultimate outcome but as a learning experience for all. This shift in perspective alleviates the pressure and makes the process more enjoyable. And guess what? This energy is where more launch success emanates from.

**Power Tip:** Reflect on what you'd like to learn more about in your upcoming launch. What piques your curiosity? What non-monetary results hold more significance than the sales?

Control your controllables

Fear of the unknown is a natural response when you're starting out. “Will it work? Will I be any good at managing launches?” you might wonder. After your first launch, you may worry that it was merely a fluke. Then the next launch you might worry whether you can duplicate your success! With every new level of launch success, you'll encounter unique challenges. But don't let these fears hinder you. Instead, see them as milestones on your path to becoming a phenomenal launch manager.

In our own launch management work at Love To Launch, we maintain focus on only what we can control at each stage of the launch. If we wasted all our energy worrying about what's next or dwelling on the elusive result, we wouldn't be able to concentrate on the actual game-changers.

As our client Suneera Madhani says “control your controllables” and when it comes to launches, that's actually 90% of the journey.

**Power Tip:** What should be your focus be right now? Break down your launch into stages, establish goals for each phase and control your controllable.

Unleashing the Power of Be, Do, Have

Our favourite approach to stepping into more inner power is be, do, have. If you want to have the success, you have to show up like a successful person would and do what they would do!

BE – Be like a successful launch manager

Start by visualising your successful launch. Then, ask yourself, “If I was already successful with this launch, what decisions would I be making as launch manager? Who would I be? How would I be showing up every day?”

DO – Do what a successful launch manager would do

Now, think about the subsequent step. If you already knew your launch was going to be a resounding success, what actions would you be taking right now? What would you be saying, sharing, creating? If you're finding this challenging, consider someone you admire online and ask yourself “What would they do?”

Have – Then you'll have the result!

Once you've envisioned your success and taken the necessary actions, you'll have the successful launch you desire. It's as straightforward as that. Be. Do. Have. This is the mantra of every accomplished launch manager.

Feeling empowered yet? We hope so! In a nutshell, mastering the art of launch management requires more than just strategies — your actions have to match your intentions, and that all comes from within. And the golden rule to remember? Be, Do, Have. Begin by being your successful self, act like it, and then voila, you'll have the success you dreamed of!

Don't forget that we're here to help you build unshakeable confidence in yourself, develop truly “next level” launch manager skills and learn all the strategies you need for success with launches – that's why our ACLP launch manager program exists!

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