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The definitive guide to everything you need to know about hiring, training or becoming a launch manager.

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Do you find yourself juggling too many roles during your launches, and wondering how to find the right person to help you out?

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Look no further than the Academy of Certified Launch Professionals (ACLP). Our founder, Laura, has years of experience helping businesses grow through successful launches and training the teams that work in them, and now she's put together the ultimate guide to hiring and training launch managers.

If you’re using the power of launches to sell your online offers you need a launch manager!

entrepreneurs looking to hire a launch manager and for people interested in becoming one.

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How to know when you need a launch manager


Why the right hire helps you scale without ads


What makes a truly next-level launch manager


Attributes all launch managers should posess


Whether you should hire in-house or hire a contractor


Salary expectations of a launch manager


How to find, hire and train a launch manager


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