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Praise for ACLP

Joe Lamp'l -

"Working with Laura and ACLP was the best decision we could have made"

Amy, our launch manager, slayed a dragon almost single-handedly leading our huge launch to success! To say that she is amazing would be underwhelming for all that she has, does, and can do.

It’s thanks to Laura and ACLP for equipping Amy with the tools she needed to make this happen. 

ACLP was a huge part of our journey this year in training and supporting our launch manager, who almost-single handedly led us to huge launch success. We would have been lost without Laura’s direction and excellent guidance all along the way.

They always say, the test of a good decision is the test of time. Looking back, we didn’t have to go far to easily see that not only was working with Laura and ACLP was a good decision - it was the best decision we could have made!


Laura worked on our and launch and helped me to recruit and train my incredible launch manager Jade.

She guided Jade to excellence and to a 7-figure launch, and made her so strong (she turned her into a launch Swiss Army knife!) she’s now leading the team in teaching others that process.

Laura’s legacy is POWERFUL. So my investment wasn’t just on training one team member - it’s like a dividend that keeps paying out. Laura is a practitioner. She puts herself in the shoes of her client. Within a short amount of time you’ll know this is the person to be your guide.

"My investment is like a dividend that keeps paying out - Laura turned our LM into a launch Swiss Army knife"


I'm an online business manager and launch manager for multi-6 figure and 7 figure businesses. I was not new to launches. I had been supporting clients with the operations of a launch and building elements such as landing pages for 6 years.

The teaching material is high quality and easy to understand and navigate. It's also amazing to be a part of a community of lucrative launch managers - the insider information and data helps you stay up to speed There has been consistent incredible results in this Program. Increased results for clients, making more an impact and improved confidence in what I do. You'll quickly get a return on investment and have the systems and processes to save time, prevent balls being dropped and ease any unnecessary launch stress.

"Within 2 months of the programme , I managed a launch which generated a total revenue of £183,961"


"Laura is an absolute pro, and everyone should learn how to become a launch manager with her"

Laura is an absolute professional when it comes to launches and launch management. Everyone should jump at the opportunity to learn from her how to launch and how to become a professional launch manager. I give her my highest recommendations.

Laura was our launch manager in our latest 7 figure launch. I had been preparing for another 7 figure launch when I had a serious family emergency that took me away from my business for 2 months and at the same time I lost my whole marketing team. Laura came to rescue at the last minute and with her unbelievable support and professionalism, my team and I achieved another 7 figure launch.

Laura has a beautiful way of blending the art and science of launches

that's why she gets results

- stu mclaren, founder of the membership experience and

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