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There was no "school of launching" - till now!

Since 2017 our sister company Love To Launch, now a full-service launch marketing agency, has been training thousands of entrepreneurs and managing the launches of some of the biggest names in the online space.

The secret to launch success at scale? 

The team behind the launch.

Problem is... there's no school of launching (till now!)

The Academy of Certified Launch Professionals was created to solve the challenge of where launch pros go to get the gold standard of training in launch strategy, launch management and partner strategy.


Where it
all began


Love To Launch was born in 2017 when our founder, Laura, wanted to help people who were struggling to grow their business discover the power of launches.

Realising that whilst her own launches were fun and easy, this wasn't the case for everyone, so Laura launched her membership "Launch & Thrive" to help them.

Laura then developed her unique way of launching into the Launch Experience Method® and began to teach it in 4-month coaching program called "Let's Launch Together® (LLT).

In 2020, after years of being asked if we can deliver the launch part too, we said yes to our first private launch management client - and the rest is history!

Love To Launch agency works with the biggest leaders in the online space - people like Jasmine Star, CEO School, Sigrun, Danielle Walker, Female Entrepreneur Association, Joe The Gardener and Chris Ducker to name a few!

Laura has a strong desire to remain a true practitioner in her field so has never stopped private client work.

ACLP was created to get this knowledge into the hands of the next generation of launch managers and help more entrepreneurs scale with ease.

Our focus at ACLP is delivering the only training program in the world that covers partner programs, launch strategy and launch management in one comprehensive syllabus.

we're all about:

Joyful and easy business, fun and aligned launches,  "consistency + patience = results", collaboration over competition.


what drives us:

daily rituals:

Overnight success B.S, unsustainable hustle-mode, work before family.

Being world-class, inclusivity, investing in ourselves, customer success first, going above and beyond, fostering equitable company culture.

Great coffee, canal-side walks, short emails, possibility thinking, Haribo Super Mix.

Where it all began...




INVEST in ourselves

Our way


We're only interested in building world-class training, products and teams

We go above and beyond and we don't do it for public applause

Our customers' success always comes before our own pursuit of profit

We're life-long learners and invest in our personal growth

You can sit with us - no matter what your gender, skin colour, creed or background is: we welcome everyone

The values that drive how we do business differently.

"Laura is an absolute professional when it comes to launches and launch management. Everyone should jump at the opportunity to learn from her how to launch and how to become a professional launch manager.
I give her my highest recommendations."

why our clients love working us


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