A workshop for entrepreneurs who want to use the power of launches to scale their business and have their best launch ever in 2023.


(7pm GMT, 2pm ET, 11am PT)

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  • You’re the person leading your team in both strategy and execution, and you’re wiped out doing all the things or constantly trying to avoid dropping the ball.

  • You’re amazing at what you do, but you don’t know how to get better results from your launches or how to keep up with best practice when it comes to launching.
  • Your team goes to pieces during launch and even though you muddle through, you all come out the other end exhausted and burnt out.

  • You’ve relied on paid ads but they’ve killed your profit and you don’t see how you’ll possibly be able to scale your launches using them.

Do any of these sound familiar…?

  • You could fully step into the launch leader role and stay in your zone of genius, while you surround yourself with a team of A-players.

  • You could implement launch strategies that are working right now, rather than speculatively (and riskily) relying on what worked pre-2023.

  • Your results weren’t dependent on paid ads and you could scale your launches without relying on external forces, such as algorithms or increasing ad costs!

  • You could fill your launches with the perfect audience of potential buyers using a scalable, sustainable and predictable source of lead generation.

Imagine if...


The Launch Scale Masterclass

Join experts Laura Phillips & Phil Gibbs for this 2-hour workshop on scaling your client launches in 2023.

Coming up in this masterclass

Your role: Get clarity on your role as Launch Leader, how to hire & lead a launch team, the ideal launch team structure for scale and how to get out of the weeds as the leader of your business.

The opportunity: The future of launches and key strategy shifts you need to know about, and how this will be the key to future-proofing the success of your business.



What’s-working-now: Discover how to navigate the challenge of scaling your next launch by developing a more scalable and predictable source of lead generation.


Previous attendees say...

"I'm feeling confident about the direction I'm taking my business."

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Access to our live workshop on Tuesday 21st February 2023.

Catchup bundle of: replay, cliff notes, slides &  audio version.


"Laura helped me to recruit my incredible launch manager Jade. Laura’s legacy is POWERFUL. Laura is a practitioner, she puts herself in the shoes of her client. Within a short amount of time you’ll know this is the person to be your guide."


"Under Laura’s tutelage, my Launch Mananger took my launches seamlessly from 6 figures to 7." 

Don't just  take our word for it...

Previous attendees say...

"I'm excited about the opportunity to learn more and serve my clients better."

Your Launch Strategist, Laura.

CEO of ACLP & Love To Launch Agency

Laura Phillips

Laura is all about joyful and easy business, fun and aligned launches, great coffee and Haribo Super Mix.

Your Affiliate Expert, Phil.

Founder of ReferralFunnels™

Phil Gibbs

Phil is a self-confessed marketing geek, sales nerd, conversion junkie, motorsport nut, and apparently a golfing demon!

In the business world, he’s widely recognised as the Referral King, “the guy” who’s mastered the art of online referrals, affiliate partnerships, and collaborative marketing strategies.

Laura has taught her launch methodology to thousands all over the world, and has managed launches for the best in the industry, generating £6m in sales for her agency's clients and is one of the industry’s most highly sought-after experts.

Her zone of genius is on launch strategy, conversion optimisation, offer design and course delivery.

Since 2015 Phil has been planning, implementing and managing hugely profitable partner programs generating in excess of $9m in partner revenue alone!

Phil’s favourite quote is “a rising tide lifts all boats” by John F Kennedy, and in 2023 this saying has never been a more relevant to launches. EVERY successful launch will have collaboration and partnerships at it’s core.


"I knew we could reach more people through influential affiliate and referral partners, but I just didn't know where to start.

Soon after we started working with Phil we successfully launched our product with just a handful of selected partners and it was our biggest launch to date, generating a whooping $252,000 in 4-days.

The cold hard factual truth is - all you need to do is sell a COUPLE extra products through what Phil teaches you and you will have made your money back from any investment you make with him."

Shaa Wasmund MBE

"If you're even thinking about working with Phil, then just go and do it!"

“What Laura teaches is based around proven principles. She has a beautiful way of blending the art and science of launches, and in finding the right launch style for you."

"I can't recommend Laura enough."


"Phil has been instrumental in building our company which is now multi-million dollar company in the health space.

If you ever have opportunity to pick his brains do not hesitate. Additionally, if you are one of the select few who have the opportunity to work with him, then JUST DO IT!

Phil is not just a genius in influencer and affiliate marketing space, but he's also one of the coolest people I know."

Dr Mark Wade

"Phil helped us with our largest ever launch which was $850,000 in just over a WEEK."

"She drops some of the most epic knowledge bombs about launches."

"Laura is incredibly inspiring."


"Laura is an absolute professional when it comes to launches and launch management. Everyone should jump at the opportunity to learn from her how to launch and how to become a professional launch manager. I give her my highest recommendations.

Laura was our launch manager in our latest 7 figure launch. I had been preparing for another 7 figure launch when I had a serious family emergency that took me away from my business for 2 months and at the same time I lost my whole marketing team. Laura came to rescue at the last minute and with her unbelievable support and professionalism, my team and I achieved another 7 figure launch."


"My team and I loved working with Laura and are looking forward to another 7+ figure launch with her."

"He’s been an valuable asset not only in our launches, but also amongst several other health professionals I know very well."

If you get the chance to work with him, or learn from him I highly recommend you jump at the chance.”

If you get the chance to work with him, or learn from him I highly recommend you jump at the chance.”

"No-one understands collaborative marketing and partnerships in the same depth as Phil."

Dr Fab Mancini

You’ve never launched before. But we can still help you!


this is for you if...

Right fit?

You want to train a team member and have them step up to launch manager level so you can step into launch leader.

You’re an entrepreneur currently leading / managing your own launches and you want to seriously uplevel your launches in 2023.


The workshop is on Tuesday 21st February at 7pm GMT (2pm ET, 11am PT)

What date is the masterclass?

The masterclass will be hosted online by Laura & Phil, you'll get your exclusive link closer to the time.

Where will the masterclass be?

Being live will bring you the best results, but if you can't join us live - don't worry! We'll be sending out an awesome catchup bundle which includes: replay, cliff notes, slides & audio version.

What if I can't make it live?

The masterclass will run for 2 hours.

Of course! We strongly suggest this. Share your ticket with your launch manager, there'll be so many golden nuggets for you both.

How long is the session?

Can I bring my launch manager along?


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Want to scale your launches in 2023?


Our 2-hour masterclass will teach you how to future proof and protect the growth of the business when you rely on launches as your main revenue engine.